Monica and Sean Colgan with their Kona Electric by Hyundai

This week, we were delighted to receive this testimonial from Monica and Sean Colgan and we wanted to share it with you.


To whom it concerns

We called to MLM Kilkenny in April and spoke with Neil Lyng who showed us their range of electric cars. He explained the workings of the EV, also the pros & cons of owning an EV.

For us the pros outweighed the cons by a long shot.

Neil was totally honest with us, which we very much appreciated. He is a most pleasant gentleman to deal with, as is Michael the M.D.

Before making up our minds Neil offered us his Kona Electric car for the weekend, which we accepted.

Having driven the car Monica & myself were totally won over with it. Its performance & comfort was magical, also its many extras.

We purchased the Kona from Neil and took delivery of it at the beginning of May.

It was a no brainer for us to purchase this car as we were spending an average of €250.00 per month on diesel. Now we are spending an average of €8.00 to €10.00 per month on electricity using our home charger on the night rate. Of course, if you plug into the many public chargers you get it free. The manufacturers state that a full charge will cover 449kms. I am getting between 480 & 491kms on a full charge. It is all got to do with how one drives the car. The car has three levels of recuperation of kms. For example, we drove to Galway last weekend, a distance of 174 kms and used 152kms of the charge. It also has three performance modes: Eco, Comfort and Sport. The take-off in the Sport Mode is not unlike a Jet taking off on the runway. I am permanently in the Eco Mode, which has unbelievable performance.


Sean & Monica Colgan’